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Water coolers Filtration | Filtered water cooler |Office water filters
water filters
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Water coolers Filtration | Filtered water cooler |Office water filters
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Water coolers Filtration | Filtered water cooler |Office water filters
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"Feedback from the Staff has also been very pleasing... the product is simple, clean and effective and scheduled maintenance has been on time... I have no reservations about recommending Unlimited Water...
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The right product, done the right way, in the right place, at the right time. Unlimited Water saves you time, increases productivity, reduces OH&S risk and is cleaner for the environment...
Filtered Water Coolers? Unlimited Water? – What is it?

It's water coolers without bottles ! Using a simple mains water connection, Unlimited Water makes freshly filtered water on tap a reality for your company. With only premium water filters backed by our Quality System sanitisation service.

Auto-refill water coolers. No bottles. Zero Admin.

  • Time wasted dealing with bottles, bottle orders, water deliveries, and time wasted on calls chasing suppliers in the heat when everyone else has run out and they can't get to you just yet... is a thing of the past!

  • The OH&S hazards of back-breaking trips with heavy water bottles, are over.

  • Un-cool, environmentally-backward bottled water coolers are done with.

And if your office is on the D.I.Y - the F.I.Y. (Fill-It-Yourself) filter system, then Waste Your Time No More.

Unlimited Water’s filtered water cooler Revolution is here! Unlimited Water has smashed the water cooler market with its outstanding filtered water product and service.

Companies are switching to us in the Hundreds each month.

Our client list of many thousands features the top companies in Australia. We filter the water for Toyota, Holden, Ford, Honda, NAB, CBA, TNT, P&O for example, and thousands more corporate, Government & scientific agencies and SMEs who have evaluated, chosen, and enjoy our premium filtered clean and clear H2O.

Proven over time, over years. It's testament to the quality of our water filters and filtered drinking water coolers, and to our ever-reliable service.

We invite you to request a referral - we'd like for you to talk direct to our clients.

Why the trend to Unlimited Water filtered water coolers?

First, there's the streamlined, hassle-free, environmentally friendly function of the product. Businesses are choosing Unlimited Water because they see it adds value for them. Save time and money. Boost staff productivity, morale & health. Improve OH&S.

And service?

Unlimited Water = Cool Water. Hot Service.

Poor service costs you. Often far more than it appears at the outset. As expert facility managers know, engaging a supplier with poor implementation or follow-up service can burden you with 'time-waste', distraction from your core business, decreased productivity. What's supposed to cost $100s can turn into $1,000s... you know the one.

At Unlimited Water, we deliver. Simple as that. No more time wasted chasing water guys. We are ultra reliable. When we say we will manage your water coolers, we mean we will do everything. All you ever need do is drink clear refreshing filtered water.

Our service is literally unrivalled. 98.8% of our clients are Happy or Very Happy with our service.*

*Survey results, 2124 company responses 2005-08

We are specialists: we focus only on filtered water coolers for Business

We don't sell fruit juice, or toner cartridges, or kitchen appliances for your home. We don't even do egg and chips! We focus on one thing. It's all we've thought about for the last 12 years! And we do it better than anyone else. We do filtered water coolers. Premium-grade water filters. We install them. We maintain them. And you quench your thirst with cool, filtered, refreshing H2O. 

It's the cool thing to do. It's the right thing to do. A switch to Unlimited Water filtered water coolers from a bottled water dispenser = a net gain for the environment. Your staff will see you doing the right thing

We'd love to welcome you aboard: bring Unlimited Water coolers into your office, and prepare your back for a nice bit of patting from your colleagues.

We are the best in the business. We are the emerging market leader. Unlimited Water is filtered water coolers made Simple.

Your search is over.Call 1300 720 820 or web query to make the switch. We'll have you up and running right away.