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We are Specialists in Office Water Filtration

We never set out to be a jack-of-all-trades. No corporate diversification into toner cartridges, car hire, mortgages ‘while-we’re-at-it’, for us. No dropping in at homes for a cup of coffee and “how about a water unit”, for us. For us, water filtration systems for offices – filtered water coolers. Striving to be the best in the world at just one thing – that’s our gig.

Unlimited Water Filtration – at Work in the Office

At Unlimited Water, we maintain upwards of 7,000 office water filtration systems. And each and every day, hundreds of thousands of Aussie office workers refresh and rehydrate on-the-job with our cool filtered water. It’s a boost..

Our office water filtration systems work for...

...offices of all shapes and sizes. Our clients include major international corporations, SMEs, government and scientific agencies, and offices of other shapes and sizes. We have clients in every major urban area in Australia. And with this broad range, comes a broad range of quality in mains water supply, and hence water purification needs that we satisfy.

Our office water filtration systems work to the highest of standards

That’s because at Unlimited Water we have the right water filtration equipment and the right filter configuration setup to filter the mains water in each major Australian capital city.

No matter the nature of your water, our premium filter systems remove chemicals and impurities, and assert microbiological control, to produce clean, fresh, food-grade filtered drinking water that Tastes Great whilst retaining the goodness of existing minerals.

At Unlimited Water, we have the right experience. We have the right knowledge. We attend to detail. We have a staff culture of continuous improvement. We do not cut corners.

Our service technicians and licensed plumbers are efficient. Neat. Tidy. They’re even polite! Our water filtration systems have a footprint just the size of a phonebook. They look good. A simple out-of-sight connection to the mains water supply, a food-grade line, a quality water filtration system, and you’re up and running with Unlimited Water!

Our water filtration systems and our service technicians are also ready for and responsive to individual and unusual needs. Your needs may centre around confined space, particular product requirements, or any number of other areas. We will listen to you. We will suggest a solution. We have the expertise, and we will fix you up. And we are responsive to your needs. Businesses are always changing in some way or other. If your needs change, we attend to the watery aspects of things. If you’re moving shop, we’re moving shop – tick it off on your list. It’s done.

Our technical expertise and knowledge extends to the application of bespoke filter systems incorporating a variety of purification solutions including various filtration media, oxidation treatments, reverse osmosis, ozone purification and more.

All this doesn’t come from nothing. And neither does it come from cowboys. Unlimited Water and our foundation team have been ‘in water filtration’ for over 12 years. And we approach our work fresh, buzzing with ideas, creatively. We enjoy our work. We’re always evolving and adding value to our service. We are at the forefront of developments in the technology of water filtering and treatment. And that’s where we’ll stay. We are the emerging market leader in filtered water coolers.

We make filtered water coolers Simple.

There is no better choice. Give us a call on 1300 720 820; send us a quick web query. We’ll be right on the case. And our water filtration systems will bring cool, refreshing, heavenly drinking water to your office, with huge savings to boot.


Our Foundation Values:

  • Outstanding (exceed)
  • Add value (win:win)
  • Improvement (evolution)
  • Enjoyment (smile!)
  • Integrity